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Ward of the Manor - National Theatre of Kiev Season Tickets

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This stage production is drawn from the Ivan Turgenev comedic drama “Ward of the Manor” (in a new translation for the English stage)

 Olga Korina was only a young girl when she left home.  Now, after seven years away, the time has come for her long awaited return from St. Petersburg to her family’s country estate. Among those there to greet the now grown-up, stunning – and recently wed – Lady Olga Yeletskaya, is one ragged gentleman – Vasilii Kuzovkin.

Kuzovkin, too, hails from a noble line, but is otherwise penniless. His inheritance tied up in the courts for as long as anyone can remember, the good-natured Kuzovkin has long served as ever-present guest, dependent and de facto ward of the family estate of Lady Olga.  He is also the family’s longest running joke.

When Lady Olga’s new husband, Pavel Yeletsky and some conniving neighbours join in some not entirely good-natured – and drunken – ribbing of Kuzovkin, secrets are revealed. The lives of Lady Olga, State Adviser Yeletsky, and the devoted Kuzovkin will never be the same. True nobility does not reside in mere titles…

In memory of the beloved director of the stage – Georgy Tovstonogov

This production is part of the National Theatre of Kiev’s Russian language season at St. James Theatre. This production will be performed in Russian and will be live-dubbed in English to be enjoyed in either language.