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Two Men Talking Tickets

Trafalgar TheatreLondon

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"Storytelling is a powerful medium for communication. Especially in situations where the message is too painful, too embarrassing, too secret to speak it. Storytelling can then become a journey to the truth. I commend their commitment and courage."

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

In 1974, in Johannesburg, a teacher asked two rival schoolboys to tell one another a story. Three decades later Murray Nossel, an Academy-Award® nominated filmmaker, and Paul Browde, a psychiatrist, meet by chance in New York and set out to transform the world through storytelling.

“And so Murray and I tell our story together. How I encouraged him to tell a story at age 12, how I bullied him, and later apologized, how he encouraged me to tell my own story, and how we go around performing this friendship to audiences. What is Two Men Talking? It is about friendship. It is about listening. It is about apology and forgiveness and hatred and love. It is about fear and death and courage and life.” Paul Browde

With startling honesty Paul and Murray talk of growing up white, middle class and privileged under apartheid. Moving, emotional, funny and life-affirming, this is a unique and powerful piece of theatre.

“Emotional yet unsentimental, humorous yet self-revealing, it forces you to make connections with both them and your own sense of self. Paul Browde and Murray Nossel successfully delve into our universal humanity in a world of misunderstanding and division.” - The List

“I've never felt so alive during a stage performance. Utterly beautiful.“ - Scotsgay

“Storytelling is of course an art and the two men talking in this emotional journey through their lives are masters. But Two Men Talking isn’t about the art so much as the redemptive power of the act.” - Metro

“A show that cannot be missed. If you do, you will lose the opportunity to have your life changed for the better, even if just for a bit. “ - Broadway Baby

“Some stories have to be told and one as amazing as the way the lives of Paul Browde and Murray Nossel have wrapped themselves around each other is fascinating to hear.” - The Stage