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Swimming with Sharks Tickets

Vaudeville TheatreLondon

What Buddy wants, Buddy gets.

From getting him coffee to getting him laid, it’s up to new assistant and aspiring screenwriter Guy to satisfy every whim of the incendiary Buddy Ackerman, powerful movie producer and the boss from hell.

Blinded by the promise of a fast track up the Hollywood ladder, Guy is about to find out that movie making is not for the faint hearted. If he’s going to rise to the top, then he'll need to play by Buddy's rules. And Buddy plays dirty.

In this no holds barred telling of the 1994 cult film, award winning Hollywood actor Christian Slater returns to the London stage to get under the skin of the charismatic and sharp talking shark Buddy Ackerman in the world premiere of this fast moving and bitingly funny new thriller.