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Trafalgar TheatreLondon

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Alan B’Stard’s Extemely Secret Weapon

Parliament is in session and one of the shining stars of the New Labour cabinet takes his seat in the House. Meet Alan B’stard, impeccably pin-striped, nose aloft, stalking the corridors of power leaving a trail of devastation in his wake.

Despite having a country to run, and regardless of who’s in Number 10, B’Stard is only concerned with joining the Trillionaires Club, and he doesn’t care how he gets the membership fee! This exclusive club boasts eight shadowy figures who own most of the world’s oil (three yanks, two Arabs, an Indian, a Russian and that guy who invented milk cartons). Condoleezza Rice has the key, but will she allow Alan access all areas?

Join Alan B’Stard as Blair prepares for his farewell tour and the cabinet discuss the issues of the day – school dinners, unmarried mothers, what the Blairs will do next, and most importantly, should Beckham be reinstated as Captain…

Rik Mayall’s (The Young Ones, Bottom) hilarious comedy creation is brought bang up to date in this new production by the writers of the original hit TV series, Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran.

'Brings the house down! A real hoot' The Telegraph April 2006