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Madness of George Dubya, The Tickets

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"Shows that satire can still be an effective weapon in a time of crisis" – The Guardian (4 Stars)
"This lively sexy production has a gloriously distinctive bark with occasional bite"

  • Evening Standard
    "The first real theatrical event of 2003" – What's On (5 Stars)

    Tension is mounting in the Gulf, war drums are beating in Britain and America, and the commanding general of a US air base in Britain goes "a little funny in the head" and orders his airborne division, each armed with countless megatons of nuclear missiles, to attack their primary targets in Iraq.
    It’s a frantic race against time for President George Dubya and Prime Minister Tony to recall the planes and prevent an all-out war in the Middle East...
    Hot off the press and bang up-to-the-minute, this knockabout farce performed by a brilliantly talented cast, with live music, is a rollercoaster ride through the delights and terrors of the eagerly anticipated global war...