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Savoy TheatreLondon


The writer of Rumpole of the Bailey brings his insider knowledge to this hilarious double-bill of legal drama. THE DOCK BRIEF and EDWIN use barbed wit and judicial humour to show that the law can make an ass of any of us.

In THE DOCK BRIEF, an incompetent barrister, Morganhall is asked to represent the lugubrious Mr Fowle who confesses to murdering his jovial wife. Although the two of them rehearse a masterly defence in the cell, when they reach the courtroom everything goes horribly wrong.

In EDWIN, retired High Court Judge, Fennimore Truscott can’t break the habit of trying as many people as he can - in his imagination. But when he turns his verly suspicious mind towards his wife’s friendship with the next door neighbour, he opens up a can of worms.

‘Mortimer can’t be beaten on lunacy and the legal system’

TIMES – Benedict Nightingale – 19 November (Tour Review)

'This double bill is a real treat of wit, humanity and nostalgic English melancholy’

‘Christopher Morahan’s production of this welcome double bill memorably captures Mortimer’s special blend of wit, humanity and proves a real treat.’

TELEGRAPH – Charles Spencer – 19 November (Tour Review)


‘The chief pleasure of these quietly charming plays lies in appreciating the artful Fox’

‘Fox is an absolute delight to watch’

‘…his command of Mortimer’s comic syntax is never less than lucid and immaculately timed’

DAILY MAIL – Patrick Marmion - 23 November (Tour Review)

‘Fox is becoming a national treasure now, like Mortimer and Alan Bennett: old-fashioned on the outside but ironic trouble-maker within, his eyes gleaming as he lovingly captures his prey’

SUNDAY TIMES – JP – 25 November (Tour review)


‘slips down like Horlicks with a dash of whisky’

‘Fox is priceless’

MAIL ON SUNDAY – Georgina Brown – 25 November (Tour review)

‘This is a brilliant performance’ (re Edward Fox)

EVENING STANDARD – Nick Curtis - 29 February (West End review)

‘the law is the theme of this Mortimer double bill, a vehicle for the great comic talents of Edward Fox’

‘Fox throws himself into both parts with gusto’

DAILY EXPRESS – Simon Edge - 1st March (West End review)

‘Fox brings an attractive drawling, juvenile vulnerability to his roles as Morgenhall and Truscott’

METRO – Robert Shore - 3 March (West End review)

‘…witty texts as thick as clotted cream, which Edward Fox gets his tongue around with patrician relish.’

THE STAGE – John Thaxter - 03 MARCH (West End review)

‘Edward Fox turns in two jovial comic turns’

TIME OUT – Jonathan Gibbs – 3 March (West End review)

‘Fox, growly, jowly and ruminating, has great fun’

TIMES – Sam Marlowe – 4 March (West End review)

‘Performed with relish’

FINANCIAL TIMES – Sarah Hemming – 6 February (West End review)