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Eloquent Protest 3 Tickets

Trafalgar TheatreLondon

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Eloquent Protest 3

Eloquent Protest is returning by special request after the success of the same event at Trafalgar Studios in 2006 and 2007. This is a powerful piece of theatre fusing music, poetry and drama. An artist’s response to the human cost of war, which honours the fallen and counts the cost of their sacrifice. Former MP and veteran anti-war campaigner Tony Benn will again host this afternoon of readings and he will be joined by Sally Burgess, Janie Dee, Lemn Sissay, Rosemary Ashe, Peter Straker, Julia Watson, David Harsent, Julian Littman, Loveday Littman, Mende Nazer, Tim Thornton, Neal Thornton, Johnnie Fiori, John Guerrasio, Rupert Wickham, Fiona McDonald, Sam Ellis, Leslie Forbes, Dan Willis, Ben Mellor, Andrea Roberts, Will Strange, Stella Duffy, Shelly Silas, Annette Reis-Dunne, Manchester Lesbian & Gay Chorus and other special guests still to be confirmed.

For years artists have raised their voices in eloquent protest and spoken with passion against the warmongers who treat soldiers like cannon fodder and civilian casualties as mere statistics. This event brings together eloquent protestors of today in what is fast becoming an important and meaningful fixture in the London theatrical calendar.

“This is an event I would like to see in the Albert Hall to remind people that while we respect the dead, we need to respect those who will die even more. As a reflection of this, Wilfred Owen changed the title of his poem from Anthem to Dead Youth to Anthem for Doomed Youth. My grandson died in Iraq; he was 19. Please don’t stop this event, you have sown a wonderful seed of hope.” Mrs Dale, Blackburn (audience member 2007).

The artists are all giving freely of their time and profits go to the humanitarian agency, Médecins Sans Frontières. Directed by Caroline Clegg.