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Everything is possible Just pick up the dice

This original and irreverent comedy by Paul Lucas is inspired by Luke Rhinehart’s cult novel The Dice Man.

The Dice House centres around two rival psychiatrists, Dr Drabble and Dr Ratner. Dr Drabble invests in traditional psychiatric methods and Dr Ratner is the revolutionary proponent of dice theory, the idea that every life decision should be put to a roll of the dice.

When Dr Drabble’s wife succumbs to the alluring abandon of dice theory, he blackmails his anxious patient Matthew into undertaking a commando mission to raid The Dice House. Matthew enters a bizarre world of déjà vu and mistaken identity and madness and mayhem quickly ensue.

The Dice House satirizes psychiatric “quick fixes” in a post-modern world but also looks deeply at the function of chance in our lives. It is a hilarious glimpse of how insane life could be if determined by the dice - and how ordinary it can be if it isn’t!