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Vanities: The Musical Tickets

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Trafalgar Studios 2London
Three carefree cheerleaders in 1960's America where only looks matter... or do they?
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Discover VANITIES: The hit American musical set in 1963 following three best friends growing up in Dallas. Starring Lauren Samuels, Ashleigh Gray and Lizzy Connolly.

Based on the book and 1976 play of the same name, Vanities, A New Musical is a musical with music and lyrics by David Kirshenbaum and a book by Jack Heifner.

Best friends from school Joanne, the sweet and naive country girl, confident Mary and Kathy, the planner, remember their adventures through high school, college and their professional life.  Popular cheerleaders at school, the three girls initially plan to live together after college but life takes them on quite different journeys.


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