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Sounds and Sorcery: Celebrating Disney Fantasia Tickets

2.4 7 reviews
The VaultsLondon
A new, immersive music concert experience, inspired by Disney Fantasia.

This summer, the exciting underground world of The Vaults presents Sounds and Sorcery, a new, immersive music concert experience, inspired by Disney Fantasia.

Place on your headphones and make your way through the tunnels’ twists and turns and into a magical world of sound and light. Your favourite scenes and characters from Fantasia are reinterpreted in Sounds and Sorcery.  Walk through prehistoric wastelands, search for fairies, make your way into the Sorcerer’s lair and witness the dark majesty of Bald Mountain.

"Not really a concert, not a vaudeville or a revue, but a grand mixture of comedy, fantasy, ballet, drama, impressionism, colour, sound and epic fury" Walt Disney, 1941


Valid all performances.