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High Society Tickets

Shaftesbury TheatreLondon

It’s the society wedding of the year. The flowers have arrived, the champagne’s on ice and the guests, press and paparazzi are assembling. All they need now is for the beautiful bride to choose her groom!!!

Adapted from one of Hollywood’s best-loved films, Cole Porter’s classic musical is a giddy blend of corking songs, fizzing one-liners and champagne –fuelled comedy.

This is a great "feel-good" show - big show stopping numbers, wonderful dancing - great for all the family. Foreign tourists will love it, no language barriers here......and the domestic tourist will love it - a good old fashioned traditional singin' dancin' great night out.

All the best songs in the world are in this show.....makes you want to sing-a-long just hearing the titles...
Who wants to be a millionaire
Swell Party
I love Paris
Well, did you evah?
True Love