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Peacock TheatreLondon

The show fuses the ancient Korean fighting arts of Tae-kwon-do with Tae-Kyun and other Asian martial arts and throws in a dash of acrobatics to produce a high octane rollercoaster of feet, fists and fun.

Previous martial arts shows have focused mostly on the craft, with the technique itself being the show. JUMP is non-verbal performance that is the first show of kind to blend martial arts performance with a comic narrative in which fantasy and fighting come together.

JUMP tells the story of an unusual Korean family, who are under the thumb of a tyrannical grandfather grand-master. the imminent marriage of the daughter, a surprise visitor and two poor burglars provide the ingredients for martial arts mayhem. Whilst the spectacular events unfold on a set based on a traditional Korean house audiences are encouraged to keep a warm feeling of the Korean family tradition.