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Grupo Corpo: Ima & Onqoto Tickets

Sadler's WellsLondon

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Founded in 1975, Brazilian contemporary dance company Grupo Corpo and choreographer Rodrigo Pederneiras have attracted high praise from both critics and audiences for colourfully reinventing classical ballet as an exuberant and rhythmic dance form, infused with Brazilian dance rhythms.

"They are trained to pirouette as expertly as they samba or shimmy, and the steps seem to pour out of their sleek, supple limbs with unstoppable force"

Onqotô tackles the origins of the universe through the surprising setting of a football match between two rival football teams in Rio de Janeiro. The score of latin-inflected funk by Caetano Veloso and José Miguel Wisnik provides the perfect accompaniment to the 21 dancers' jaw-droppingly fast footwork, and the lighting design by Paulo Pederneiras cleverly references the atmosphere of a football stadium.

Ímã is inspired by the scientific law of magnetism whereby particles either repel or attract one another. Set to an experimental soundtrack by Brazilian trio +2, the dancers engage in a constant game of union and dispersion as duos, trios and larger groups, while Freusa Zechmeister's costumes and Paulo Pederneiras lighting work in harmony to create an explosion of colour on stage.