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Jessie Cave: Sunrise Tickets

5 1 reviews
Soho TheatreLondon
Jessie Cave returns to Soho Theatre with her acute blend of confessional comedy and DIY Performance Art.
Top Rated Show
Top Rated ShowReviewers highly rate this show

A hopeful story about motherhood and getting through a breakup.

‘I read about these ‘Power’ women who are getting up at sunrise to do all their admin and exercise and free-spiritedness before the working day begins… Day 3 of the experiment. I was starting to feel the effects of almost no sleep. But I forced myself to get up, sat at the table, did 3 emails, added to the ‘List of Things I wish I hadn’t Said To Him’: No.2 Calling him ‘Therapy Boy’ when he suggested I needed therapy.’

Directed by Adam Brace.