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TOUR: Windsor, Hampton Court Palace & Cruise Tickets

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Windsor Castle - Over 900 years ago William the Conqueror, with the help of his victorious army, commenced the construction of Windsor Castle. The site was chosen with great care, high above the River Thames, on the edge of a Saxon hunting ground. The castle was a day's march from the Tower of London and was designed to guard the western approaches to the capital. Today, nine centuries after its foundation, the Castle continues to perform its prime role as one of the Official Residences of the Queen, who spends Easter, past of June the majority of her private weekends at the Castle.

Restoration of a major section of the Castle, severely damaged by fire in 1992 is now complete. This project costing over £35m took the finest craftsmen from this country and abroad 5 years to complete and is the largest restoration project completed this century. During our tour we see the Changing of the Guard, St. George's Chapel dedicated to the patron saint of the Most Noble Order of the Garter ranking among the finest o of late medieval architecture in the world. We also visit the recently re-opened State Apartments furnished with major pictures and works of art from the Royal Collection. If the Apartments are closed we will see Queen Mary's Doll's House. Built on a scale of 1:12 the house took 3 years to complete and involved the skills of more than a thousand artists and craftsmen.

Hampton Court Palace - Built by Cardinal Wolsey it was given to Henry VIII. In the State apartments, we see one of the finest collections of tapestries and paintings in Europe. There is time to see the sunken gardens, featuring England’s oldest tennis court and the notorious maze. Your guide will also point out the Tudor Kitchens.