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TOUR: Leeds Castle, Canterbury and Dover Tickets

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Leeds Castle - A private visit prior to the castle opening to the public. The loveliest castle in the world, set in the middle of a lake and surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens, Leeds Castle became known as Lady’s Castle, because of the number of Queens of England who lived there. It is also renowned for its unique museum of dog collars and aviary of unusual birds.

Canterbury and its Cathedral - Canterbury is England’s ecclesiastical capital, where St. Thomas Beckett, then Archbishop of Canterbury, was murdered in 1170. Beckett’s Shrine in the Cathedral became the goal of the ‘Canterbury Pilgrims’ and the town prospered on this early form of tourism.

The White Cliffs of Dover - Finally to Dover, renowned for its great stretch of white chalk cliffs and castle after a brief stop on the sea front from which we may even see the coast of France. We return to London travelling past the Channel Tunnel entrance.