The image shows the shows two main characters, one either side of the image, with the show's logo in the middle.
Text: Nigel Havers, Patricia Hodge in Noel Cowards Classic Comedy Private Lives. Image: Nigel Havers and Patricia Hodge against a golden background. The text is teal in colour.
Mark Rylance, Dr Semmelweis, By Stephen Brown with Mark Rylance, Directed by Tom Morris. Harold Pinter Theatre, 29 June - 7 October. Image: A man in period clothing staring at the camera with blurry images of a woman in the background.
Text: Austentatious, an improvised Jane Austen Novel. Image: The cast of Austenatious for Austentatious wearing period drama clothing.
Myra's Story by Brian Foster featuring Fionna Hewitt-Twamley.
Text: Derren Brown presents Unbelievable Magic Reimagined. Image: Derren Brown's hands controlling puppet strings with people attached to them.
Text: Michael Dylan, star of The Goes Wrong Show, Dave Hearn, Amy Revelle, The Time Machine - A Comedy. (Very Loosely adapted from the novel by HG Wells) Park Theatre. Image: Michael Dylan, Dave Hearn, Amy Revelle.
Text: Penelope Wilton, Luke Evans, Backstairs Billy A New Comedy, by Marcelo Dos Santos, Directed by Michael Grandage, Duke of York's Theatre. Image: The background is in is in purple and yellow with a black and white image of The Queen Mother and 'Billy', who is holding two corgis.
Text: Cirque Du Soleil, Alegria: In a New Light, Royal Albert Hall. Now On Sale, Begins 11th Jan 2024. Image: A circus woman dressed in a dazzling silver costume, against an orange and green/blue background, she is wearing contour and is staring into the distance, there are feathers falling around her and glimmers of orange light across the picture.
Text: Catherine Tate, David Threlfall, The Enfield Haunting, by Paul Unwin, Inspired by real events. Directed by Angus Jacks. Image: The image shows several photos of the enfield haunting, some are black and white and some are of tapes, they show sinister looking scenes and people who appear to be afraid.

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