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Lyric Theatre: Previewed 18 April, Opened 29 April 2002, Closed 8 June 2002

Comedy by Denise Deegan, directed by David Gilmore.

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Daisy Pulls it Off is an affectionate, keenly observed parody of life in an English boarding school for girls in a bygone era. The plucky heroine Daisy Meredith, an elementary school girl, is forced to face and overcome snobbish prejudice from her jealous schoolgirl rivals. Daisy excels as much on the hockey-pitch as in the classroom. Yet she is still bounding with enough energy to search for the missing treasure that would save the fortunes of her beloved Grangewood School, all with the help of her best chum, the irrespressible madcap Trixie Martin.

The cast includes: Hannah Yelland, Katherine Heath, Katherine Igoe, Emma Stansfield, Jane Mark, Anna Francolini, Amber Edlin, Gailie Morrison, Charlotte West-Oram, Roger Heathcott, Helen Brampton, Louisa McCarthy, Jenni Maitland and Maxine Gregory.

Daisy Pulls It Off was originally presented in the West End at the Globe Theatre (now Gielgud) from April 1983 to February 1986. The production won Olivier Award and the Drama Theatre Award (now Critics' Circle Award) for 'Best Comedy'.

News about the show

On 20 May 2002: It was announced that there will be no performances on the Jubilee Bank Holdays on Monday 3 and Tuesday 4 June 2002

Extracts from the reviews:

"Denise Deegan's spoof on all those jolly hockey sticks schoolgirl stories was first seen in the West End almost 20 years ago and it is still as fresh as a daisy. Too soft to qualify as satire, it is an affectionate romp about a bygone era when girls were gels, an afternoon on a muddy hockey pitch was a top-hole treat, and girls had "pashes" on each other rather than members of boy bands. It requires no brain-cell activity on the part of its audience, but will continue to draw the crowds as long as sales of Enid Blyton and Angela Brazil remain buoyant... At two and half hours it is a little on the long side, and Gilmore will have to keep a tight rein on the production if the performances are to retain their straight-faced charm rather than slipping into parody..." The Guardian

"...Daisy is back and she is still a winner... This fond-hearted pastiche of Angela Brazil's school novels of the Twenties... David Gilmore's direction never alows you to become bored and the author Denise Deegan's brilliant ear for parody has you wreathed in smiles... Full marks all round for a show that is as scrummy as smuggled cream buns in the dormy." The Express

"...Despite its easy humorous targets, David Gilmore's production boasts some irrepressible comic performances, which range from the sublime to the ridiculous, and sometimes combine the two to great effect... Glenn Willoughby's revolving set solidly recreates the red-bricked, oakpanelled Elizabethan architecture of a school representing everything to its pupils, from symbol of authority to idealised romantic dream. Returning after almost two decades, Daisy does pull it off, even though she seems a very safe bet for a largely unadventurous West End." The London Evening Standard

"...In revival, the show could have been, well, sexier, with shorter gym slips, and a more explicit spin on dormitory japes to bring in the school uniform clubbing scene. As it stands, the action is a little sedate and dusty, with Katherine Heath's best chum Trixie stealing the honours right from under Hannah Yelland's pert little Daisy nose. Just the ticket, though, if you want to bind yourself in old school ties." The Daily Mail

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