Prom 64
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A non-stop exploration into 'the breaks' - the beat-driven music that has influenced the world of scratch DJs and b-boying/b-girling (i.e. breakdancing) since the 1970s.

One of the four pillars of hip-hop culture - along with MC-ing, DJ-ing and graffiti art - breaking has developed from its original roots tobecome a global phenomenon with a virtuosity all of its own.

Soul Mavericks, featuring Terra & Eddie, Sunni and Lagaet
Mr Switch
Alice Russell vocals
Vula Malinga vocals
Brendan Reilly vocals
Heritage Orchestra
Jules Buckley conductor

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Type of production: Concert

Opened: 06 September 2019

Booking until: 06 September 2019

Running time: 1 Hours 45 Mins

Prices: £27.00 - £69.00