Disillusioned with life, the aged philosopher Faust calls upon Satan to help him. The devil Mephistopheles appears and strikes a bargain with the philosopher: he will give him youth and the love of the beautiful Marguerite, if Faust will hand over his soul. Faust agrees, and Mephistopheles arranges matters so that Marguerite loses interest in her suitor Siebel and becomes infatuated with Faust.

Faust initially seems to love Marguerite in return, but soon abandons her. Her brother Valentin returns from the war and is furious to find his sister pregnant. Will Faust repent his destructive actions, and can his soul, and Margueritees, be saved?

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Type of production: Opera

Opened: 11 April 2019

Booking until: 06 May 2019

Running time: To Be Confirmed

Prices: £41.00 - £225.00