Katya Kabanova
Katya is unhappily married to the ineffectual Tichon Kabanov, and tormented by his bullying mother Kabanicha. Her young neighbour Boris is equally tormented by his tyrannical uncle Dikoj. He sympathizes with Katya and longs to help her.

When Tichon goes away on a journey, Katya lets Tichon's foster-sister Varvara persuade her into meeting Boris. While Varvara enjoys a tryst with her own lover Kudrjas, Boris and Katya talk, and soon realize they have fallen in love. Over the next few days the lovers contrive several happy meetings, but Tichon's return plunges Katya into an agony of remorse.

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Type of production: Opera

Opened: 04 February 2019

Booking until: 26 February 2019

Running time: 2 Hours 10 Mins

Prices: £35.00 - £140.00

Author / playwright: Leos Janácek

Director: Richard Jones

Music by: Leos Janácek