The York Realist
'I live here. I live here. You can't see that, though. You can't see it. This is where I live. Here.'

A cottage, 1960s Yorkshire. The York Mystery plays are in rehearsal. Farmhand George strains against his roots as a new world opens up to him.

Peter Gill's influential play about two young men in love is a touching reflection on the rival forces of family, class and longing.

Donmar Associate Robert Hastie returns following his previous productions My Night with Reg and Splendour for this timely revival from one of our greatest living playwrights.

Ben Batt also returns to the Donmar following Making Noise Quietly alongside Lesley Nicol, who returns to the London stage and makes her Donmar debut.

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Type of production: Play

Opened: 08 February 2018

Booking until: 24 March 2018

Running time: 1 Hour 45 Mins

Prices: £14.00 - £53.00

Author / playwright: Peter Gill

Director: Robert Hastie