Princess Turandot has sworn that no man shall marry her unless he can correctly answer three riddles. Prince Calaf, captivated by Turandot's beauty, takes up the challenge.

Calaf solves the riddles - but he wants also to win Turandot's heart. He proposes a new test: if Turandot can discover his name before dawn, he will die; if not, she is his. Just before dawn, Calaf reveals his name to the despairing Turandot, so placing himself in her power. She summons her people and declares she has discovered his name: it is love.

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Type of production: Opera

Opened: 05 July 2017

Booking until: 16 July 2017

Running time: 2 Hours 45 Mins

Prices: £46.00 - £190.00

Author / playwright: Giacomo Puccini

Director: Andrei Serban