Mitridate Re Di Ponto
Farnace and Sifare, sons of the mighty warrior Mitridate, both love their father's fiancee Aspasia. While Sifare is determined to remain loyal to his father, Farnace vows never to yield.

Mitridate discovers that Farnace is preparing to betray him to their enemies, and that Sifare and Aspasia love each other. He swears vengeance on them all, and marches into battle. Sifare and Farnace escape their imprisonment to join him. Mitridate dies from his wounds, finally reconciled with his family.

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Type of production: Opera

Opened: 26 June 2017

Booking until: 07 July 2017

Running time: 3 Hours 30 Mins

Prices: £47.00 - £135.00

Author / playwright: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Director: Graham Vick