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Twelfth Night - Globe
Twelfth Night - Globe performing at the Shakespeares Globe
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Type of production: Play
Opened: 18 May 2017
Booking until: 05 August 2017
Running time: To Be Confirmed
Prices: £26.00 - £70.00
Author / playwright: William Shakspeare
Director: Emma Rice
How does he love me?

With adoration, with fertile tears,

With groans that thunder love, with sighs of fire.'

Twins Sebastian and Viola are shipwrecked on the coast of Illyria, separated and believing each other to be dead. Beside herself with grief, Viola disguises herself as a boy and goes into the service of the Duke Orsino. The Duke, madly in love with the Countess Olivia, sends Viola to woo on his behalf. What could possibly go wrong? Olivia falls in love with the cross-dressed page while Viola falls deep and fast for Orsino. Meanwhile, mischievous servants play painful pranks at each other's expense. Heady chaos ensues as griefs, loves and deep human confusions collide, but fear not! Sweet resolution wins the day as friends, twins and lovers are reunited.

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