Brodsky / Baryshnikov is a one-man show based on the poems of Nobel laureate Joseph Brodsky, performed by Mikhail Baryshnikov.

Conceived and directed by Alvis Hermanis, noted Latvian director of The New Riga Theatre, Brodsky / Baryshnikov is an emotional journey deep into the poet's visceral and complex compositions.

Performed in Russian, Brodsky's mother tongue, Baryshnikov recites a selection of his long-time friend's poignant and eloquent works. His subtle physicality transports the audience into Hermanis' reverent imagining of Brodsky's interior world.

Performed in Russian with English surtitles.
"Reverent, quixotic, 'Brodsky/Baryshnikov' is a genteel meditation on what and who a writer's life leaves behind, and what they can forge in his memory."
Jennifer Krasinski, 'Big Words',, 15.04.2016

"The piece must be considered a labor of love and memory..." Michele Willens , 'FACE IT: There Is Poetry on Our Stages',, 21.03.2016

"Baryshnikov's voice is beautiful, and he deploys it both fully and subtly. And he's an actor of tremendous depth."
Robert Gottlieb, 'Even When He's Not Dancing, Baryshnikov Steals the Show',, 14.03.2016

"Perhaps theater is where actions always speak louder than words, but when poetry finds the words to illuminate our actions and feelings, there is perhaps no greater art."
Molly Grogan, 'Brodsky/Baryshnikov at Baryshnikov Arts Centre',, 14.03.2016

"Baryshnikov moves like he always does: mindful, exact, stunningly simplistic. His body's adaptability is exquisite; he moves effortlessly between delicate mime, abstract imitation of a butterfly, and a grotesque physicalization of the fear of dying."
Melanie Brown, 'Brodsky/Baryshnikov',, 14.03.2016

"Great dancer that Baryshnikov is, he has always been a considerable actor as well, and the treatment of the language is the most impressive thing in the show..."
Joan Acocella 'A Ghost Story?',, 14.01.2016

"'Brodsky/Baryshnikov' is like a seance during which the friend who infinitely misses the other is searching for him through touch, through poems that sound like incantations, through poetic lines that have managed to fit into a place inbetween life and death, in-between the acceptance of the loss and the impossibility of reconciling with it."
Yekaterina Gordeyeva, 'About Freedom', Novaya Gazeta, 26.10.2015

"Words flowing like breath over Baryshnikov's lips, are not just texts crammed up a month or two ago. This is clearly Baryshnikov's own life pulsating behind them."
Und?ne Adamaite 'Mikhail Barishnikov is telling Brodsky's poetry in Riga for life and death personally?', Diena, 20.10.2015

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Type of production: Play

Opened: 03 May 2017

Booking until: 07 May 2017

Running time: 1 Hour 30 Mins

Prices: £65.00 - £259.00