Dr Seuss The Lorax
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The Once-ler lives on a grey street. Nearby there's a broken statue of the Lorax with the word 'unless' engraved into it. A child wants to find out more about the Lorax. After being paid, the Once-ler who is now very old tells her a story, starting with his own childhood...

The Once-ler's family are poor and he is sent to find his fortune. He is determined that with one great idea he can become rich. He arrives in Paradise Valley and is delighted by all the new things he sees there. He sets to work, but when he cuts down a truffula tree the Lorax appears. The Lorax speaks for the trees and is angry one has been cut down. The Once-ler explains it was to make a 'thneed', which the Lorax thinks is useless. He shows the Once-ler the beauty of the valley, and how he doesn't need to create anything new, everything he needs to live is in abundance in the valley.

The Lorax leaves on his summer break and The Once-ler begins to see how silly his thneed idea is, until a businessman buys one. He throws himself into creating a new thneed business. The Lorax returns to find half the forest has been chopped down and confronts the Once-ler. They agree that only trees in the area called 'Once-ler Nook' will be cut down. Soon after, the factory runs out of trees. Instead of stopping, the Once-ler creates a super axe hacker which cuts down trees even faster. The Lorax sneaks into the factory and exposes all the pollution he is creating. Just as the Once-ler agrees to shut the factory, he announces the new version of the thneed which makes it even more popular. The Lorax sits alone on a stump and watches all the animals leave the area. The Once-ler treks up to visit him, to ask if they can still be friends. The Lorax says he's leaving because the forest has gone. He leaves the Once-ler with one word that he doesn't understand - 'unless'. At that moment, the last truffula tree is cut down. The Once-ler's family pack up their things and leave along with the rest of the town. The Once-ler is left on his own, the story ends.

The child who has been listening to the story says that it can't be the end - she wants to know what 'unless' means. She has an idea, they need to plant a new truffula tree. The Once-ler says it won't work without a Lorax, but the child persuades him to let her try. She plants the seed, waters it and waits, and finally it begins to grow. The Once-ler is thrilled, and the child asks if the Lorax will come back now. They finally realise that a Lorax is just someone, anyone, who looks after trees. His last word meant that nothing will get better unless someone like the child cares enough to protect them and keep planting.

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Type of production: Comedy

Opened: 15 October 2017

Booking until: 05 November 2017

Running time: To be Confirmed

Prices: £20.00 - £50.00