Il Trovatore
The Count di Luna loves Leonora, but she loves Manrico, the Count's military enemy. Manrico's mother Azucena tells him how her mother was burnt to death for supposed witchcraft against the Count's baby brother. Azucena intended to throw the baby onto the fire - but blinded by revenge she lost her own child to the flames.

The Count captures Manrico and Azucena. Leonora promises herself to him if he will give them their freedom, but secretly takes poison. Leonora dies in Manrico's arms. The Count has Manrico executed. Azucena reveals that her mother is finally avenged: the Count has murdered his own brother.

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Type of production: Opera

Opened: 04 December 2016

Booking until: 09 February 2017

Running time: 3 Hours

Prices: £50.00 - £205.00

Author / playwright: Guiseppe Verdi

Director: David Bosch