Cat On a Hot Tin Roof Champagne Package
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In Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, a powerful Southern family gathers at a birthday celebration for patriarch Big Daddy (Jones), who does not know that he is dying of cancer. In a scramble to secure their part of his estate, family members hide the truth about his diagnosis from him and Big Mama (Rashad). Tensions mount between alcoholic former football hero Brick (Lester) and his beautiful but sexually frustrated wife Maggie "the Cat" (Sanaa). As their troubled relationship comes to a stormy and steamy climax, a shockwave of secrets is finally revealed.

Brimming with trademark emotional intensity and insightful wit, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof  is an American treasure. Don't miss this bold new staging of TENNESSEE WILLIAMS' rich and timeless family portrait.

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Type of production: Misc

Opened: 23 November 2009

Booking until: 10 April 2010

Running time: To be confirmed

Prices: £ - £

Author / playwright: TENNESSEE WILLIAMS

Director: Debbie Allen

Cast: James Earl Jones , Phylicia Rashad , Sanaa Lathan